Gardening is creating your own outdoor space and taking care of it. Slowly, over time, little by little the garden grows with you. It is a place that you share with other people, animals and plants. A place you love and it brings you closer to nature. ‘Garden’ is an ancient word and it meant a cultivated enclosure set apart from ‘wild nature’ by some kind of boundary. Today we are more likely to be surrounded by other buildings and cultivated spaces, so the garden becomes our refuge, our small piece of nature, our paradise.

I provide a professional and expert gardening service. As a horticulturist, I specialise in maintenance plans and improving gardens with my know-how of plants and their habitat.

Garden care & maintenance plan

A maintenance plan will identify the plants in your garden and it gives you a monthly list of how and when to take care of the plants. Your personal calendar shows you when to seed, lift/divide, prune, feed or when special care is advised.

In addition, I can provide garden coaching. Together we will work on your garden and find solutions for your specific garden.

Improving your garden

I specialise in rejuvenating borders by dividing and propagating plants or finding the right plants for a particular space so they grow well with minimal effort. The shape of plants is also important and I can find the right shape shrub or tree for a particular spot. I also prune shrubs and fruit trees. Here timing is important to support the flowering or fruiting for next year. I also nurture your outdoor space by improving wildlife habitat, composting and fertilising the soil. All adding to the long term growth of your garden.

Gardening and design need to go hand in hand. Without the right care, it will be difficult to bring about the ideas of the garden design or plan. Gardening without a clear idea of what the garden is going to look like often disappoints. I offer gardening with an understanding of garden design and eco-friendly methods.


For gardening, I work mainly in Surrey around Godalming and Guildford.
My fee for Gardening is £20 p.h. with a minimum of 2 hours.

For maintenance plans I’ll need to visit your garden in order to give you a quote.
Mail me to book a visit and a friendly chat about your garden. My initial visit is free.