The exciting thing about a garden is that it is never the same. Plants change with the rhythms of day and night, seasons, years. We also change and might want to use our outdoor space differently than we thought initially. For example, making the garden more drought resistant, changing grass to planting, include wild-life habitat, creating more secluded spaces or adding a cabin to work from home, to workout or retreat.

Creating a garden is a personal journey and my ideas about design reflect that. It’s tailored to your circumstances and the micro-climate of your garden. It’s also focused on creating beautiful spaces to chill out, with sustainability at heart and eco-friendly solutions. I want to create something that lasts and is flexible enough to allow changes to happen. A garden that grows organically with you. A garden that meets your requirements, budget and level of maintenance.

Dahlia’s in all colours and shapes.

Garden Design Plan

From small garden ideas to new garden and landscape designs, a garden design involves:
• Study of the client’s requirements and site conditions.
• Design concept sketches.
• Garden design: a layout plan.
• Planting plans.
• Hard landscaping plan.

I am quite flexible. If you require only a design concept sketch for your garden (basically a design without the fine detailing drawings) please contact me. It is also possible to redesign only a border or section of your garden, where only a planting plan is needed.

If appropriate I am able to provide:
• Project implementation – including sourcing landscapers, estimates of cost and managing the work, sourcing plants, pots and other garden accessories.
• Aftercare – including revisiting the garden to review the design, developing maintenance plans and doing the gardening to refine the design over time.
• Coaching – If you want to create the garden yourself, I can coach you during this process.


After a free initial visit, I will give an estimate of the cost involved.