These little time capsules are a true miracle. A whole plant contained in a small box with a parcel of food. All that is needed is the right temperature and a bit of water. Most plants produce so many seeds because only a tiny percentage will land on the right spot to grow into a plant. Seeds are a major source of food for many animals and us on this planet.

Many plants have developed over millenia a strategy to increase the odds to spread the seeds where they have more chances. Edible fruit for example is a clever way to let animals (and us) eat and carry the seeds to an other place and deposit it. Another example are prickly seed pots that stick to fur and are transported that way.

And best of all, it’s there on your plants, so you can sow and grow the next generation of plants. Many seeds are best sown at the time when they are falling of the plant. For those plants, now is the time!
Some seeds germinate immediately, others need a period of cold winter weather to start growing.